Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions offer guidance on the usage of cheapassignmentwriters.com services. They are legally binding agreements to regulate our services.

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Cheapassignmentwriters.com Services

We are an online academic assignments writing company. An assignment to us is any type of academic work. Our writers write from scratch in their words to achieve originality and relevance of the content in and academic task. We guarantee customers that we adhere to writing instructions and make every effort to hit high standards.

  • We require our customers to use products (academic assignment papers) only for the right purpose. We discourage unauthorized copying and re-use for commercial gains.
  • It is unlawful to redistribute or copy an assignment paper from our writing service as own work for another purpose other than reference for academic paper writing without our written consent.
  • We are not responsible for any liability that might occur from unauthorized use of our product in violation of the above terms and conditions.

Our Responsibility to Customers

Our responsibility is to write a customized assignment to customers to match their instructions. Our agreement with a customer starts when we receive payment and find a qualified writer for a writing order. The term we use for the start of an agreement is a "commencement date." The agreement is in place until we deliver an order and a revision period of 7 days. However, one of the parties can, for a reason, make an early termination.

The writers that we assign orders after getting into an agreement with a customer have proven academic qualifications and skills to write an assignment according to requirements. We make an obligation to find a qualified writer after confirming payment, so a customer cannot demand a refund of complete payment since the person will require compensation.

We deliver a complete assignment before the deadline chosen by the customer. It is also our right to delay delivery if a customer paid a deposit for writing service and is yet to pay the outstanding balance at least 24 hours before the last delivery date.

Responsibility of a Customer

Customers should provide all the information on their assignments for us to write well. It includes:

  • Writing instructions
  • Length
  • Type of language
  • Spacing
  • Academic level
  • Preferred sources of research

We could not take responsibility for lateness or low quality if a customer failed to provide all crucial details.


Customers should use the methods of contact we list on our website. The official methods are safe and contain legitimate details.

No plagiarism guarantee

Our writers write using their words to avoid plagiarism. Our definition of plagiarism is:

  • Use of words or ideas of another author without acknowledgment by citation and referencing
  • Rewriting of assignment but retain original ideas
  • Rewriting of assignment but retain original ideas
  • Provision of false sources

Service Fees

Cheapassignmentwriters.com charges a service to write an assignment. The fee enables us to hire skilled writers. Our charges may include Value Added Tax (VAT) whenever applicable. A customer pays the price that we agree at the commencement date. We do not charge hidden fees or increase the price during the writing unless a customer adds instructions that increase the quantity of work.

Upfront Payment

The procedure for assignment writing service is that the customers pay upfront. We accept payments with the knowledge that we have qualified writers for the task. A customer will get a full refund if we do not have a qualified writer to complete the assignment within the required deadline.

A customer who changes mind about receiving our service after making a payment could not get a complete refund unless a writer did not begin writing. We deduct an amount equal to the extent of work that a writer has done at the point of cancellation as we must pay for it.

It is the discretion of cheapassignmentwriters.com to determine the price, discounts and refunds

Amendment to a Progressing Order

We will accept additional information during the writing process on condition that it does not contradict first instructions or increases the scope of work. We may charge an additional fee for new instructions. We may assign an assignment to another writer if the first one expresses an inability or unwillingness to write after adjustment of instructions. The deadline in line with a punctual order delivery guarantee may change if a customer adds new instructions.


We accept requests for revision if there are adequate reasons to show that the writer did not follow all instructions. We will not charge extra to revise provided that a customer informs us within 7 days of delivering the order.

It is the role of a customer to provide all details regarding the correction of an assignment when making a revision request. The request and instructions should be sent through customer support representatives who then inform our Quality Assurance Department (QAD) about it. QAD will determine if the reasons for revision requests are legitimate and adjudicate if a writer disputes.

Turnaround for revised paper depends on the nature of revisions, but it mostly takes 24 or fewer hours. A customer can request for another round of revision if the first is not satisfying.

Data Protection

We protect personal data that our customers provide to facilitate the provision of service from access by unauthorized parties. Here are some of the reasons requiring the sharing of data.

  • Service improvement
  • Secure payment systems
  • Fulfill legal obligations
  • Pursue fraud transactions

On-time Order Delivery Guarantee

Cheapassignmentwriters.com delivers orders before or at midnight on the due date. We will refund part or entire payment in the case of late delivery except for these conditions:

  • The delivery date falls on a non-working holiday
  • Technical problems that are not within our control. We do not use this limitation as an excuse and provide evidence of technical issues that cause lateness
  • Illness or death of a writer handling an order
  • Serious illness or death of a writer's close member of the family
  • Failure by a customer to provide the correct email address or respond to our messages for clarification or more instructions
  • Failing to clear an outstanding balance
  • An agreement to extend the writing period between customers and a writer


We respect the copyright of works by authors and expect the same for our content. We do not use the work by other authors as our own or resell content from the papers we deliver to customers.

  • All the content on our website, samples or orders that a customer comes into possession with is not a guarantee of copyright ownership.
  • We may deny service to a person or organization that we suspect has engaged in plagiarism.
  • Customers do not have express permission to use their assignments for another purpose except as a model paper for reference. It is against our copyright to display, distribute or sell content we develop to their parties.
  • A person who violates our copyright is responsible for any loss or damage.


It is our discretion to decide whether a refund request is valid and determine the amount that we will refund. It can be the entire amount or part of the payment. We return the money through the same method that a customer used to make payment. Customers can decide to turn a refund into credit for future orders. We will reject a request for refund if:

  • A customer amends the assignment to create an impression that it did not meet the standards
  • An order had ambiguous instructions that a writer could interpret differently from the customer
  • A customer provided incomplete instructions during the ordering
  • A person who violates our copyright is responsible for any loss or damage.
  • Claims of a sub-standard order after approving it on reception

Final Grade

We cannot guarantee a particular grade as marking rubric differs from one academic institution to another. Nonetheless, we guarantee customers of high-quality work that gets them a high grade.

Limitations of Liability

We do not take liability for:

  • Inability to achieve a particular grade
  • Inability to access our website or services due to outages, navigation challenges and login errors
  • Damage of a device when using our service
  • Inaccuracies or errors on product or service information on our website
  • Virus or software damage after accessing our website as we make efforts to secure it and such misfortunes are not due to negligence
  • Suspension or other action we take against a personal cheapassignmentwriters.com personal account
  • Information, action or inaction by third parties with links to our site


Cheapassignmentwriters.com protects users of our website from fraud. We also install safeguards to prevent misuse of the privilege to use our services. These actions are not permissible, and we regard them to be a fraud.

  • Illegitimate chargeback
  • Sharing personal information and contacts with writers with an intent to transact with them outside our official communication methods
  • Payment or receiving money through the unauthorized method
  • Signing up more than one account using different names
  • Impersonation
  • Using our intellectual works without our authority and issuing payment
  • Sending a fake payment report
  • Uploading false document for verification or another purpose


Cheapassignmentwriters.com regards the sharing of personal data and contact methods as consent to communicate about products/services that we feel suit the person. We may send promotions email, SMS/MMS, social media ads or make phone calls for products that might be of interest. We limit such communication to the most relevant and essential products. Recipients have a right to refuse to receive some or all our promotional messages by writing to us.

Feedback and Reviews

We encourage customers to post a review and send feedback about our services. We own the copyright for feedback reviews published on our website and a right to use them in our promotions. We accept positive and negative feedback as long as it is a fair comment of our services and not an intention to undermine our integrity. Dishonest rating and messages to subvert our feedback system will attract our action that might include account suspension or termination. We may also seek legal redress.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

We can without notice, amend, alter or change our terms and conditions. We start implementing the changes a day after publication. Users of our website should read them frequently and look out for any amendments.

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