Privacy Policy is a United States-based academic assignment writing company offering writing help to students who are unable to write their assignments. We know that students and academicians who require your kind of service need privacy. We have a privacy policy that protects the confidentiality, collection and storage of data. Our privacy policy regulates our service provision, communicates and advertizes.

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Collection of information

We may request customers to share some personal information if the situation demands it. The most crucial information that we require from our customers is the name, email and phone number upon signing up for our service. The purpose is to facilitate communication when we need to inform you of something. Customer information also helps us to determine preferences and provide personalized services. We can quickly identify you when you access the website to request a service or communicate service.

We take stringent steps to secure personal data and control access. It is only employees who need it to provide service who can access personal information. We also do our best to secure transmission within our servers. We, however, cannot take responsibility for the interception, damage or alteration of any data that is not within our servers and storage.

This refund policy is a reference point if a customer has a dispute regarding the quality of our service or product. We are a just writing company and will accept liability and honor a refund request if we happen to be at fault.

Data Protection

We do not engage in sharing or selling personal data. Our website that we scan frequently is secure to protect data from hacking. Regular scanning enables us to identify any security loopholes quickly. We might, at times, share personal data with third-party service providers to enable them to provide a service. A vetting precedes the sharing to ensure that the party is trustworthy and will use data only for the intended purpose without unauthorized sharing. If necessary, we will seek consent before sharing personal information.

  • Inability to provide a qualified writer: We receive payment for a paper but cannot find a qualified writer for the role within the requested turnaround. We will inform the customer about the inability to find a skilled writer and refund if there is no will to extend the deadline.
  • Plagiarism: It is our practice to deliver plagiarism free work. If a customer receives plagiarized paper, we will refund the payment subject to the provision of a plagiarism report from a reliable checker.
  • Try developing your ideas and arguments from these notes
  • The subsequent step is to locate and review the sources used by the researcher with the model answer.
  • Failure to deliver an order: Customers get a refund if technical errors or any other issue prevents delivery of an order. The reason has to be our fault. We do not take responsibility when the reason for non-delivery is beyond our control, such as a natural disaster that affects the internet or power services.
  • Read through all information you gather and make further notes on the contents you want to include in your work.
  • Lateness: We will refund an amount of payment that compensates a customer for the time it took to deliver an order after the deadline on the order form.
  • Overpayment: We will reimburse any extra amount if it becomes clear we got extra payment by mistake. We will return the additional amount or credit it in a customer's wallet for future use on request.
  • Double payment: Double payment occurs when our payment system or staff mistakenly charges twice for the same order. We inform the concerned person soon after noticing anomaly and initiate the refund process.
  • Order cancellation: We will accept a refund request if a customer cancels an order before we appoint a writer for the paper. We reserve a right to charge a cancellation free. We cannot refund the full payment after a writer commences writing order as the person deserves fair compensation. If there is any refund, we will deduct an amount equal to writer compensation for completed pages.

Sensitive data

Some personal information is susceptible, like the one relating to credits card and payment data. Our customer support representatives may request credit or debit card data, but only when there is a payment issue to follow up. The communication will be through the phone as nobody can intercept and get the details. The call happens when it is extremely necessary, and the customer gets an option to use our secure order page to enter card details. We do store any credit card data after we process payment to prevent future hacking.

Use of Cookies

We may set cookies to browsers to improve experience and access to our site by browsers. The cookies are text files we place computers. They help us to gather information on on-site activities and preferences by those who visit our website. You can make settings to prevent our browser from accepting cookies only that it might prevent the proper functioning of some features.


We may use your shared information to identify the services and products that you prefer for marketing. It is our norm to restrict the number of marketing messages we send in a month. We assure you that they will not be excessive. Customers reserve a right to refuse marketing communications.

Notifications about our products and services also provides other products relating to our main writing services. They include:

  • Proofreading
  • Editing

We use the contact information that customers share to send information regarding our products or promotions. We can inform you about them through email, phone call, SMS/MMS, Social Media or another method. We may also send information in newsletters, bulletins and any other relevant material to share information on product subscription and service campaigns. We provide an option to deregister from receiving such messages.

Link to other websites

We have a link to other websites. We request our website, visitors and users, to read the privacy and usage terms after accessing then via hyperlinks on our site. Our privacy policy applies to We are not liable for the privacy and security of other sites with a link to ours. Confirm their privacy status before access and use.

Third-party advertisements

Third parties may collect personal information and use it to perform targeted advertizing of their products. The data they have regarding you is not within our control. We cannot take responsibility to control advertizing materials by third parties linked to our website. Be aware that some may contain errors, omissions and inaccuracies.

Disclosure of personal information

The much information you share to guide a writer in drafting the type of paper you want or when communicating to support representatives stays with us. We do not disclose it to other parties. The only reason for disclosure is if the law compels us. Some of the reasons that compel us to release personal information for legal purposes are:

  • Proofreading
  • Protect our or other party's right
  • Pursue a legal redress after detection of criminal activities like fraud
  • Usage of our website or service for an illegal or offensive activity
  • Deliberate disruption of our website, service or other sites

Disclosure to other parties

We may share our personal information with other parties that buy our business interests. The buyer has a right to personal information of the customers as their communications and transactions are part of our business. We might disclose personal information to third-party service providers we contract for marketing, processing payments, advertizing or another role.

Access to personal information

We grant customers the right to request copies of the personal information we possess. We mostly provide it free, although we reserve a right to charge a facilitation fee. Communicate your request by sending an email or making a call if you believe that the information in our possession is subject to misuse, or you need to correct an inaccuracy. We also have a right to ask particular questions and gather certain information to confirm identity before accepting such a request. For mutual protection, we can monitor or record phone calls.

Underage website users

Children must get consent from their parents or guardian before sharing their personal information with us or using our website. We will cancel all transactions and services a customer should get from us if we determine he or she is underage. We will also remove any shared personal information until we receive consent by an adult responsible for the child to offer a service.

Final provision

We make all necessary efforts to protect the personal information belonging to our website users. We regularly train our employees on data security. This privacy policy guides all transactions and interactions for harmonious interaction between our website/service users and us. We have a right to amend change, modify or alter this privacy without giving notice. The application of changes starts a day after publication on We request frequent reading of this privacy policy to find any changes on time. Contact us for any questions regarding this privacy policy or your personal information in our possession.

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