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4.7 is an online academic work writing company providing students with professional writers for papers they are unable to write. We ensure that our clients get a specialist writer for the subject.

We barely get a refund demand due to our commitment to quality and adhering to guidelines. We have a refund policy as we are a legitimate writing company with systems that include returning payment to a customer who is not satisfied.

This refund policy is a reference point if a customer has a dispute regarding the quality of our service or product. We are a just writing company and will accept liability and honor a refund request if we happen to be at fault.

Conditions for a refund

We are ready to give money back to customers in these instances:

  • Inability to provide a qualified writer: We receive payment for a paper but cannot find a qualified writer for the role within the requested turnaround. We will inform the customer about the inability to find a skilled writer and refund if there is no will to extend the deadline.
  • Plagiarism: It is our practice to deliver plagiarism free work. If a customer receives plagiarized paper, we will refund the payment subject to the provision of a plagiarism report from a reliable checker.
  • Try developing your ideas and arguments from these notes
  • The subsequent step is to locate and review the sources used by the researcher with the model answer.
  • Failure to deliver an order: Customers get a refund if technical errors or any other issue prevents delivery of an order. The reason has to be our fault. We do not take responsibility when the reason for non-delivery is beyond our control, such as a natural disaster that affects the internet or power services.
  • Read through all information you gather and make further notes on the contents you want to include in your work.
  • Lateness: We will refund an amount of payment that compensates a customer for the time it took to deliver an order after the deadline on the order form.
  • Overpayment: We will reimburse any extra amount if it becomes clear we got extra payment by mistake. We will return the additional amount or credit it in a customer's wallet for future use on request.
  • Double payment: Double payment occurs when our payment system or staff mistakenly charges twice for the same order. We inform the concerned person soon after noticing anomaly and initiate the refund process.
  • Order cancellation: We will accept a refund request if a customer cancels an order before we appoint a writer for the paper. We reserve a right to charge a cancellation free. We cannot refund the full payment after a writer commences writing order as the person deserves fair compensation. If there is any refund, we will deduct an amount equal to writer compensation for completed pages.

Resolving a refund dispute

A knowledgeable dispute manager will independently review any refund cases if we cannot agree on the validity of the money-back request or amount. The dispute manager will make one of these decisions within 7 business days:

  • Uphold the claim by a customer and recommend a complete refund
  • Agree partially with the customer request and approve a partial refund
  • Reject the refund request due to lack of an adequate reason or failure by the customer to provide evidence of our fault

A customer can disagree with the decision by a dispute manager, and we will choose an independent arbiter. Note that the resolution by an arbiter might take more than 7 days.The refund is therefore made within 21 days after agreement. The grounds for refund claim and length of a paper that the independent arbiter determines the time it takes to make a decision. The decision at this stage is final.

This refund policy guides all money-back guarantees. Communicate to use if you require additional explanation.

We reserve a right to amend or change this refund policy without prior notice. Implementation of refund policy starts a day after publishing. We request customers to read this refund policy to note any changes frequently.

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